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ok i have about half of the wuuky pictures on photo bucket because this web site is too confusing
sorry the videos dont have any sound because my camera doesnt have sound (why would it need it?)
the karoke and coffee hous pictures will be coming soon
search for xMGTSx on photo bucket
Dresden Dolls.

help me?

If you love me, even if you don't, you'll give me the name and e-mail address of your church's re director.

thank you.

love, love love,

PS- portland doesn't have cons...it makes me sad.

edit...no one gave me e-mail addresses. this is sad.
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Sydney Unitarian Church

So! My photobucket isn't wanting to upload very fast, and I'm too lazy to do it one by one right now, but I thought that all the Unitarians on livejournal could appreciate this:

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Neat, huh?! Greg, Dad and I were walking to dinner and we saw a sign and we found it! Too bad we won't be here on Sunday, that would be a really cool experience..
UU Chalice

Livermore UU Young Adult Group

So, I have a lovely, woderful, Wendyful, UU friend named Wendy.
She has been doing some hard work to get together a young adult group at her church in Livermore.
So here's where you come in... are you a UU young adult (18-35) or just a young adult who doesn't mind hanging around in UU spaces?
Do you wanna do fun stuff on Monday nights?
I know you do.
So anyway the meetings are on Moday nights at 9pm at the UU church in Livermore. So if you are really cool then you might come. There are like different things to do each week and such.
There is more info on mshathvri's (Wendy's) lj.
Or on this website.
We're trying to get more UUs to come, since Wendy was the only UU at the first meeting (I missed it)
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hey everyone, if you are planning on going to WUUKY and you havent registered yet, do it now, if there arent 5 more people who register in the next 2 days, WUUKY doesnt happen. So register. Im sure that the app is up on Pcdyruu.org if its not email or comment me and i will send it to you, get other ppl you know to register now if they can too. my email is jacquetank@gmail.com