Kirby (purple_chalk) wrote in pcdyruu,

Community Service Faire

I've got the World-Saving Itch: my conscience is all inflamed, and if I don't go out and save the world soon the infection'll spread to my Guilt Gland. Shall have to get to work on that Community Service Faire idea, because it's something worth doing, and'll soothe the itch somewhat.

Anyone else feeling itchy and want to help? I'm looking especially for high-school aged people who are interested in community service but don't know where to start. The idea is to put together a Faire, much like a Career or College Faire, with a bunch of representatives from different organizations looking for teen volunteers. I'd like to have the Faire at a couple local high schools, possibly at a couple of the local community colleges, and maybe one or two other venues. A lot of putting it together will involve calling schools and the service organizations-- mostly, we'll be organizing the whole thing. If you're interested, email me at or message me on AIM at howlsoftly!

(By "local," I mean the Bay Area/Silicon Valley sort of region, though if someone wants to implement the idea somewhere else, we should definitely coordinate, and see about forming an Organization with a Name and Such.)

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